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Walking Tours of the Garden City

Leh We Tek Ah Walk

Experience Georgetown!!! The Garden city of Guyana through the capital’s first walking tour company!!!

Famously known as the garden city, the picturesque town was designed by the Dutch as an outpost to protect their settlement during the 17th century. Each tour is packaged to entertain you with tales of days gone by while you enjoy the colonial timber architecture dating back to the 19th century. Wave at Queen Victoria, visit the world’s tallest wooden building, shop at Stabroek, and sneak a pec with your loved ones on the kissing bridge all the while enjoying the different species of birds in the gardens during your botanical visits. Guyana is a tropical country so don’t forget to walk with appropriate gear and get comfy as these lovely ladies and their team take you on a whirlwind adventure.

"Please note that this year Guyana will be having its 50 years Golden jubilee of independence celebration. In an attempt to create the safest environment possible we have partnered with the Guyana Police Force and will be having security detailing during every tour to give you our clients the best experience possible."

Remember to smile at our onsite cameras as we capture each moment